WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- In February 2019, Virginia Commonwealth University student Adam Oakes died of alcohol poisoning following a party at a fraternity.

An investigation found his death was a hazing event gone very wrong.

Now the U.S. Senate will consider a bill that aims to address hazing on college campuses.

Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine co-sponsored the bill that was introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar and Bill Cassidy.

According to a release, there have been more than 50 hazing-related deaths on college campuses across the country since 2000, including Oakes’ death.

“Parents who send their kids off to college never imagine that their child may be injured, seriously impaired, or killed by the actions of their friends or peers. Unfortunately, this has been the reality for too many families, including the family of 19-year-old Adam Oakes, who died in a hazing incident at VCU last year,” said Kaine and Warner. “We owe it to parents and students to pass this legislation to provide transparency and accountability around these incidents, as well as education on the dangers and life-long consequences of hazing.”

The bill, the Report and Educate About Campus Hazing Act, would require hazing incidents to be reported on a college’s annual crime report.

It also creates a definition of hazing to clarify what constitutes a reportable offense.

Just last month, the University of Virginia terminated agreements with a pair of fraternities in connection with hazing.