BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, V. (CBS19 SPORTS) --The road to Buckingham's 2022 season began long before their days in the hot August sun. After a 6-3 season for the Knights, the team dedicated themselves to strength and conditioning during the off season.

"The main thing is just them getting it in in the off season," started head coach Seth Wilkerson, "They dedicated themselves in January getting in the weight room, getting ready and conditioning for this season and just have had a good turnout for this season and I think these guys. They put in the work and we got some senior leadership to go with them."

Another year older doesn't just mean another year wiser, it's another year stronger for the Buckingham Knights who return with a largely experienced roster.

 "I think we've got more experience, more older guys that can help the younger guys move along and getting them help when they need to on the field," said senior defensive end Tucker Motley. 

"We do have a good senior class coming back good leadership," said Wilkerson, "Main thing right now we got some holes to fill on both offense and defense, we got some guys back but we do have some places where hopefully these scrimmages coming up we'll get some answers."

There are questions for the line in front of first year quarterback Kymeir Lockett but on the defensive side of the ball; the Knights feel confident.

"Defense always looks good that's kind of our thing," said Motley, "We're gonna pound the ball and play good defense, so we're always looking good on that side of the ball."

"We got 7 guys back from last year on defense so we got some, like I said we got some holes to fill on that but hopefully with these scrimmages coming up we can see some guys and get that settled," said Wilkerson.

They'll take the rest of camp to solidify their lineup, but their goals for season are clear.

"Beat more teams than last year," explained senior quarterback Kymeir Lockett, "Make it to at least the 3rd round of playoffs, states would be better though but as far as we did last year we'll be better."

"That's always our goal, we're trying to start off; win the district, get to the playoffs and then advance from there," said Wilkerson.