CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- New school walk zones are up and in place in the city. Due to a bus driver shortage, hundreds of children will be walking to and from school each day.

The Charlottesville School Board says it has hired school crossing guards to help keep kids safe during their daily walks.

In the city, around 1,200 kids are walking or riding bikes to school and only 900 take the bus. 

The school division is still actively looking for bus drivers. School board member Lisa Larson Torres says the division is also purchasing a couple of small buses that do not require a special license to drive.

School officials hope this could incentivize people to join the workforce, but either way, they say they will have many adults monitoring the streets.

"We'll have a lot more presence at places where students will be crossing to get to different schools. And leaders in the division have walked these different paths like Dr. [Royal] Gurley,” said Torres.