WOODBERRY FOREST, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- There is a renewed energy at Woodberry Forest charged by new head coach Jackson Matteo.

"You do know what you're going to get with him, but you don't know how you're going to get it," senior wide receiver Landon Ellis said, "He's always yelling, he's just as active as we are at practice. He'd put on pads if he could."

"Puts a little pressure on us to make him proud maybe, you want to show in front of your coach," senior quarterback Harley Shuford said, "When he's running around, makes you want to run around."

Only a few years removed from his playing days down the road at UVA, Matteo is quickly establishing an intense culture learned from his years as a player and grad assistant.

"I got to watch some of the best coaches in the country do that at Virginia," Matteo said, "I like mixing it up. I'm out here and I'm drenched in sweat, I'm wearing a black shirt, but I'm out here to work and I want them to see that."

"It's intense, he expects a lot from us, so we're always going full speed," senior defensive end Armel Mukam said, "Always going full speed ready to learn, ready to hit, I think that's a good thing."

Matteo surrounded himself with an experienced coaching staff as he continues to work with his bread and butter the offensive line for what could be an explosive offense...

"I expect a lot of touchdowns, lot of big plays," Ellis said, "We got playmakers everywhere. Jaden Ferguson, Lukas Sanker, Sheldon Robinson, Hunter Rockhill, everywhere, Harley Shuford, QB1."

"I think we have a shot to win a prep league championship, we are going to beat Episcopal again," Shuford said, "But I have really high expectations for this team, the new offense we have is going to allow people to get the ball in space and should be pretty hard to stop."

On the other side of the ball the Tigers boast one of the most talented defensive lines in the state, led by UVA commit Rodney Lora and Stanford commit Armel Mukam.

"They're not just staying stagnant, they're moving around," Matteo said, "Rodney and Armel are two of the most violent, big, smart and talented young men in our league and what that does for everyone else, it takes a lot of pressure off."

"He's a good teammate, but he's also one of my best friends off the field," Mukam said, "He was injured most of the season last year, so it was kind of unfortunate, but this year me and him we have a little something for these o-lineman."

The early days are promising, but the real results for Matteo's program start on gameday one.

"I was counting down the days, but more so in a way that there's so much to be done," Matteo said, "It has been surreal, but it's been an incredible challenge and I love it, love it so far."

"Definitely we're going up and it's only up from now," Mukam said, "So I think we're going to be back to those good ole Woodberry days."