CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Sunshine Mathon, the executive director of the Piedmont Housing Alliance, said that although construction has been delayed, the project is still on schedule to finish phase one by 2023.

The redevelopment of Friendship Court is a six-year-long plan in the making. These updates include new solar roofing and bigger floor plans.

Current residents helped in the redesigning process.

"This has been a long time coming. The planning for the redevelopment of Friendship Court began almost six years ago and the residents from the very beginning have been at the table through the design process, making sure that the vision that comes to fruition is theirs and this is their community gonna be in the future," Mathon said.

Challenges with supply chain issues, pandemic problems, and bad weather further delayed this project.

"We had actually hoped to start construction originally in 2020, but that's when COVID hit and it impacted supply chain issues, it impacted labor opportunities so we actually last about a year or so before we were able to start construction due to COVID-related impacts," said Mathon. "But we were able to pick up the pieces and move forward and pull the rest of the financing together we've had significant cost increases, but our funders really stepped up to close that gap."

Although construction is going smooth currently, the roughly two-year delay created some frustration.

"I think all of us are, I was frustrated frankly with the delays that we experienced. Worked really hard to get us across the hurdle, but in the end, once we actually started construction, I think that galvanized everyone and everyone is kind of really excited at this point," Mathon said.

This project has four phases. Phase one is set to be completed by the spring of 2023.

The entire project will not be completed until 2029.