NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary recently admitted a Northern Bobwhite Quail.

According to the organization, this is the first time a bird this rare had been admitted to its care.

The bird was originally located as an infant in Powhatan County after approaching individuals who were out camping.

Birds that approach people are very uncommon, as they usually fly away whenever people approach them.

Birds of these types are rare to see, and their population is on the decline since the 1960s.

"They are game birds, but due to habitat loss and agricultural use, they have really dropped in population since the 1960s by about 70 percent. So, we are happy to have this little quail in the sanctuary and give him a second chance to go back into the wild," said Sarah Cooperman, the interim director at the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary.

The bird originally weighed just six grams when it was admitted. It now weighs 50 grams.

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary hopes to release the bird by the end of this month.