CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 SPORTS) For Faith Shields volleyball is a part of her DNA.

"My parents actually met while playing volleyball in Charlottesville Virginia. So they always say it's like in my blood," explained Faith Shields.

Born into a family of athletes faith found her place as a setter on the court early on.

"My mom started coaching 13 years ago so all those 13 years I was like raised in the gym," she said.

"She has loved volleyball since I met her," said Fluvanna County High School Volleyball coach Christi Harlow-Garrett, "As a second grader she'd be in the gym passing and sitting against the wall if we were in practice, she has grown into an amazing person."

From a toddler in the gym to a team captain all 4 years, Faith has earned a spot in the Fluvanna County volleyball history books.

"You talk about roles on a team, she is definitely the heart. She works so hard and she gives so much and she does it completely without ever expecting anything in return," said Harlow-Garrett.

And her impact goes far beyond the gym as a student government president and an active member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

"For me, there are a lot of things I want to accomplish as an athlete I just like to be involved in as many things as I can, just things that I'm passionate about I like to give my time to," said Shields.

She works harder than just about anyone I know and she is definitely a force in our gym, and I think she is a force for our school," said Harlow-Garrett.

Shields has committed to play volleyball at the next level for Bridgewater College but she'll leave behind a legacy that will be long remembered.

"She's gonna be missed for a long time," said Harlow-Garrett, "But she's leaving an amazing legacy in her teammates as to who she's been and how she's led so she's gonna leave an amazing legacy for the girls that are coming up behind her."