UPDATE: The Charlottesville Police Department is investigating a hoax call about an incident at Charlottesville High School.

On Monday, Charlottesville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Royal Gurley sent a message to families regarding the incident.

Dear Cville Schools Families:

Our high school had a difficult day today after local police received a hoax 911 call about CHS. Mr. Pitt has already given an update to CHS families, but I wanted to follow up with all families in our division to avoid any possible confusion. 

The hoax call came into 911 this afternoon and falsely indicated that there was an active shooter at CHS. We have since learned that this hoax call has also been reported in several other Virginia communities today as well as across the nation recently.

Though there was no other indication of a problem at the school, CHS entered into a lockdown and Charlottesville Police did a thorough search. The police identified no unusual activity and gave the all-clear for CHS to resume a normal schedule.

Calling in a false report to the police is illegal, and the police are investigating this crime. We take this matter very seriously and will not tolerate such harmful misinformation.

This false report caused extreme stress and disruption at CHS and throughout our community. Counselors and mental health professionals are on hand to speak with students and staff at CHS and all our schools. Please check in with your students, and help correct any misinformation that they may have heard about what happened today. 

Thanks to the Charlottesville Police Department for their quick response today, even if ultimately there was no danger. CCS and the police are committed to keeping our students and staff safe.

An incident like this preys on our fears. However, we will not let difficult days like this define our experience or impede the education of our students. 

Take care of yourself and each other. We will see you in school tomorrow.

Dr. Gurley

UPDATE: The Charlottesville Police Department says it responded to a false report at Charlottesville High School on Monday.

According to police, there was a report about a possible active shooter at the school around 1:20 p.m.

Officials say this has been confirmed as a hoax.

After receiving the call, police say the high school reported no unusual activity.

Members of CPD and the Charlottesville Fire Department did respond to the school and secured the area.

Following a search, police say officers identified no unusual activity or threat and gave the all-clear, allowing the school to resume normal activities.

Officers are now investigating the hoax call because making a false report to police is against the law.

Counselors and mental health professionals are on hand at the school to help support students and staff through the stress and disruption this caused.

Other media outlets across Virginia are reporting similar incidents. None of the incidents appear to involve a viable threat.

UPDATE: Officials at Charlottesville High School say police have given the "all-clear" after investigating a report of an injured student.

A lockdown has now been lifted after law enforcement found no injured students and no threat.

Normal activities have now resumed.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Police Department has responded to Charlottesville High School following a report that a student was hurt.

Moments ago, CHS tweeted that all students are safe and school leaders are unaware of any risk or incident in the school.

However, the school is on lockdown at this time while police investigate and clear the area.

This is a developing story and will be updated.