CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Two people who until just recently lived in Charlottesville are the first-ever mother-son duo to compete on the television show Lego Masters, which airs on FOX.

This season, the show is going all out with more ambitious brick-building challenges, including a treehouse challenge, a NASA-themed episode, and a Lego dog show.

The pair is building a special bond while vying to take the top spot.

"I got a text from that same casting agent,” said Liam Norris. “And he was like, 'hey, we are making season three, I think you're 18 now. Do you want to apply?' and I was like, ‘what?!’"

Liam and Emily Norris lived in Charlottesville for years, and the process that led to them being on the show was years in the making.

"I was first approached for the show three years ago now for season one, but in the end, they decided not to have any minors on the show," said Liam.

He has a YouTube channel and an Instagram profile dedicated to helping others with their Lego creations.

And that’s how the show’s producers learned about him. 

But his love for Lego's predates these accounts, beginning years ago with his mother.

"We got into the first Lego league program. I coached his team,” said Emily Norris. “There weren't any Lego leagues in Charlottesville at the time for him to join. So I learned how to coach a first Lego league team."

The duo feels that Charlottesville played a big part in embracing the unique fun that building with Lego has to offer.

"Everyone in the Charlottesville community is so supportive of children following their passions,” said Emily. “We always found encouragement in the Charlottesville community and found that that was a really special place to grow up with that love developing."

Above all, the two are thankful for the show bringing them even closer.

"Just a dream come true to have this special time with Liam because I've been by his side through his imaginative play world from the beginning of serving him," Emily said.

"It was just a lot of fun on set and I'm sure that will come through in the show as well," Liam said.