BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) --"Football has changed my life it it really has," said Buckingham County senior tight end and defensive end Tucker Motley.

For Motley, football has been a game changer, and one he never expected.

"I never had much of a want to," said Motley, "But my 7th grade civics teacher convinced me to try it. One day he came up to me and said you going to go to football conditioning today? I was like what? And he was like you should go try it and so I went. Me playing this sport has completely changed my life and he was the one who convinced me to play."

Once Tucker stepped off the sidelines he hit the ground running, and he hasn't looked back since.

"It's just made me a better person it's taught me so many things, you know I've become a little more confident in myself after playing this," explained Motley.

"He is a great leader for this team, more of a lead by example," said Buckingham County head coach Seth Wilkerson, "But we can always count on him and we know he's always gonna go 110% in practice games, anything he does."

Through shifting positions and seasons altered by the pandemic, Tucker excelled on the field, even becoming an all district and all region linebacker.

"We started him out as corner and then he ended up going to linebacker and was first team all district linebacker last year. This year he's moved to defensive end and just really has thrived at that position and has really been a great player for us," said Wilkerson.

Tucker plans on attending a 4 year college next year but he'll leave behind him a noticeable space on the Buckingham roster.

"Tucker is one of those guys that people rally around," said Wilkerson, "And with him graduating next year there's gonna be some big shoes to fill."