MADISON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Madison County School Board's proposed book-banning policy received lots of feedback from locals at a meeting on Monday night.

Earlier this fall, the board proposed a policy to remove all books containing what they deem "sexually-explicit" material from the high school library.

This comes after the Virginia Department of Education created a model policy that requires schools to notify parents if sexually explicit materials will be taught to their kids at least 30 days in advance.

The school board wants to take the policy a step further by banning certain library books.

Some speakers agreed with the school board while others were against the proposal.

"You place the school board in the position to have a final say on book segregation or removal. This policy reads more like a power grab, more than an effort to protect children or provide parental controls. There are already parental controls in place. In the form of an opt-out program as well as an organized review policy that involves the curriculum review committee rather than the school board," one parent said.

"The recent DOE requirement to ID and to notify is an important first step of the need to deal with this issue. And I think that it's good that we're going to be looking at removing those materials ad excluding those materials that are found to be inappropriate," a local pastor said.

School boards must either adopt the Virginia Department of Education’s model policy or create their own with those minimum requirements by Jan. 1.