CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) --There's a lot of pressure stepping into the goal cage on the Albemarle field hockey field, but under her helmet and pads Caroline Perkins is all smiles.

"So Caroline is our energy and the positive comedy relief of all times," said Albemarle field hockey coach Brittany McElheny, "And most impressively she does the worm in full goalie gear."

Growing up Caroline always envisioned herself playing under the Albemarle stadium lights but she didn't expect it to be in the goal cage.

"Last year was her first year as goalie position and I think that just speaks to what kind of team mate she is because that was a spot we needed she was willing to step into it," explained McElheny.

"We really just needed a goalie and they asked me to step in and do it and I've never played field hockey before so why not like why no just try it," said senior goalie Caroline Perkins.

Since taking over the position Caroline has fully embraced the role and all the mental fortitude it takes to stand strong in the cage.

"It's a lot of pressure but I also think she handles it with a lot of grace and pride," said McElheny, "She willingly knew when she stepped into this position where we were and she just takes it on with such ambition of I'm going to live up to be the best player I can be."

"I think it's just a lot of mentally preparing myself that I'm going to get scored on, that's ok but I just have to bounce back from it," said Perkins.

Though Perkins stands ready for shots, she's rarely let them past her. In her past two seasons as goalie she's only allowed 4 regular season goals, helping maintain AHS field hockey's 3 year regular season win streak.

"It is a lot of pressure having the undefeated legacy for so many years but I think it's really special and I'm so glad I get to be apart of it"