CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Democrat Congressional nominee Josh Throneburg campaigned in Charlottesville on Wednesday as part of his bid to represent the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia.

Throneburg, while speaking at a Senior Statesmen of Virginia event, referred to his background as a small business owner, father and minister.

His most important topics on the campaign trail are climate change and racial inequality.

"Addressing the issue of a warming planet, and trying to curb some of those negative effects of that, that's a big one for me. Dealing with issues around race and sexism, because I’m the father of, you know, younger women and women of color. And so, we need to make sure that they have absolute access to all of the same opportunities, and the same fairness, and justice in our system,” Throneburg said. "We are building something in our country, even in the sense of our democracy, that is providing a firm foundation for the future."

Throneburg claims this is the main reason he's running.

Republican incumbent Bob Good declined the invitation to participate in the event.