CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- On Thursday, Rhoback hosted an event where it released its Charlottesville-inspired polo at the Paramount Theater. Twenty percent of the proceeds will come right back to the theater. 

This comes after many months of designing a polo shirt highlighting some of Charlottesville's best spots, including the Paramount. Many people attended the release party. 

“Paramount for anyone who lives in Charlottesville is, one just a historic landmark. I mean everyone that comes to town loves the big blade, you know it really is kind of the big symbol of Charlottesville,” said Kevin Hubbard, the founder of Rhoback. “For those that don’t know, Paramount does over 300 events every year, 100,000 people throughout the community, many of them free just to kind of encourage the arts and to give back.” 

Rhoback believes it was a no-brainer to give back to this organization. 

“We’re so excited to be partnering with the Paramount. They represent Charlottesville to us and this city has already given us so much. It’s such a historic city and we’re still writing our story, as a really young brand and we consider Charlottesville part of that story in such a big way, so it means the world to us that the Paramount has decided to collaborate with Rhoback,” Hubbard added. 

There was not an exact goal for the fundraiser, but organizers hope to bring in as much money as possible.