CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- With inflation impacting costs for goods and services across the nation, Charlottesville residents are also paying higher household bills.

Life just keeps getting more expensive. People have seen a six-percent spike in their household spending in the United States. Charlottesville is also seeing a big increase in monthly expenses.

In fact, it's 13.7 percent higher than the national average.

The average Charlottesville household pays $2,277 a month for monthly expenses. Meaning that roughly 40 percent of a person's income is being spent on household bills.

Experts at doxoINSIGHTS looked at 4,000 cities and determined the top 10 most common monthly bills, including mortgage, rent, utilities, cable, mobile and more.

They also people in Charlottesville pay more for auto insurance and utilities compared to other cities.

"So, utilities in Charlottesville is $518 a month on average, compared to around $330 at the national level. When you combine mortgage, rent, auto insurance, and utilities, and you look at how much higher they are in Charlottesville as compared to the rest of the United States, that explains why overall it's around 14 percent higher to pay your household bills on a monthly basis," said Liz Powell, the director for doxoINSIGHTS.

Although Charlottesville has a higher cost of living, it ranks 38th out of 91 for the most expensive cities to live in, in Virginia. McLean is in the top spot.

Virginia, when compared to other states across the nation, ranked 12th out of 50 as the most expensive state to live in for 2022.

Consumers can use the information and data doxoINSIGHTS provides to negotiate better rates on some bills. If your monthly expenses are higher than what other people in the area are paying, you could be able to negotiate a better price.

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