CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Internet safety and digital citizenship are something Albemarle County is really driving home this week. 

Albemarle County Public Schools recently received common sense media certification to instruct kids on digital citizenship. 

“Digital citizenship is really just thinking through how I can be responsible and healthy with my media use, and whenever I’m technology both in class and at home,” said Kley Todd, Assistant Director of Technology Integration with ACPS.

At Agnor-Hurt Elementary, they have dedicated this week to digital citizenship where they will incorporate small lessons each day.

"For example today we’re doing the words we choose. So we’re teaching our kids and helping them understand ways that they can just be kind, smart, safe online,” said Adam Mohr, ACPS teacher.

The conversation shouldn’t just stop in the classroom.

“When they leave here, I want them to have that conversation with their parents so they know what to do at home,” Mohr continued. 

The division has sent home family field guides in both English and Spanish so parents can continue to monitor their kids and even learn some stuff on their own.

“If you’re a family looking for help with talking about healthy technology use as well as any questions about how tech is being used in school, I do highly recommend that you take a look through this guide. There are great conversation starters and it also breaks down digital citizenship by domain,” Todd added.

As technology continues to grow more and more it is important that families have conversations about why it’s important to be smart on the Internet and continue the conversation about common sense.