ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger has responded to comments made by her GOP challenger, Yesli Vega, concerning abortion access, rape and pregnancy.

Vega denies she's ever questioned if rape leads to pregnancy.

"Her comments doubting that a woman can get pregnant from rape are an affront to women who have been victims of sexual violence," Spanberger said.

But Vega sees it differently.

"That is absolutely ridiculous. Those were never my comments,” she said Thursday.

In the recording in question, Vega allegedly doubts whether rape can lead to pregnancy.

"I haven't, you know, seen any studies, but if I had to… I'm processing what you're saying, it wouldn't surprise me. Because it's not something that's happening organically." 

In this audio recording from Axios, Vega is allegedly heard responding to a question about rape and pregnancy.

Prior to that Vega is heard saying she's worked as a police officer since 2011 and had only worked one case where a woman became pregnant from being raped. This week, Vega says the Spanberger campaign is just playing politics.

"I think that it is despicable that she would use something as traumatic as that to score cheap political points,” said Vega. “I am a law enforcement officer, I've worked those type of cases and I am pro-life, but I also believe in the three exceptions, the life of the mother and the horrible crimes of rape and incest."

Spanberger responded on Friday.

"There is a recording of her saying it and I think what we are seeing is a woman, who two weeks before an election, recognizes that her views, both that women cannot get pregnant from rape and also her support of a national abortion ban is out of step with the district," said Spanberger.

Spanberger goes on to say that she believes Vega’s efforts to deny what she said are “last ditch efforts to save a failing campaign.”