CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Eavan Driscoll's path to Albemarle high school has been unconventional, transferring from rival Western Albemarle High School for AHS's Math Engineering and Science Academy. But once she was here it was the sport of field hockey she fell in love with.

"Coming here was the best decision for me," said Eavan Driscoll, "I mean this field hockey team has from day one been a family."

"She's really one of those girls that helped make the family part come to life," explained AHS field hockey head coach Brittany McElheny, "Eavan loves to make sure everyone feels welcome and make sure that no matter what role you play you are important

On the field Eavan has stood strong, defending the AHS goal cage and their 3 year regular season win streak.

"She's really selfless in that she will play any position anytime on the field," said McElheny, "Even if that means 'hey we need to sub you out to rotate' because she's really about whatever is best for the team."

Off the field Driscoll continues to serve others as the editor of the school newspaper and has even won 3 Best of Online School News Paper Awards for her reporting.

"I really want to bring a love and passion for journalism back into the school because I think it's so important for people to see what is happening with other people they're not really involved with," explained Driscoll.

"She will write a story about anything, she knows what's going on in the school," said McElheny, "So we have almost 2,000 kids in our school and I would say Eavan does a really good job using her people skills and just trying to help make sure everyone in this school feels represented and they have something that reflects who they are"

And even though her time at AHS is almost over her leadership will be remembered on and off the field for years to come.

"I want to be remembered as somebody who loves to work with other people" said Driscoll, "I really think that the whole reason this team has been so successful is because we have each others backs and we've been working with each other for so long. When I leave I want that to continue and I want someone else to take that step up to be there for the rest of the team."