CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and Kroger teamed up to make donating fun.

Five contestants had 60 seconds to go down a Kroger aisle to put as much food as possible into their shopping cart. 

“Well, it’s a dual purpose, right? We are collecting food that we know our guest needs and items with protein and peanut butter is always good. Canned meats, vegetables, of course, all of that is good. But today also got a competitive edge to it and so they’re looking for items too that cost a lot because that helps their, that helps them get over the finish line with the likelihood of winning,” said Karen Ratzlaff, the chief philanthropy officer for BRAFB.

This single fundraiser collected enough food for more than 37,500 meals.

According to the PB&J Fund, one in every six people is food insecure in Charlottesville and as the holidays and the colder weather approach, BRAFB and Kroger know just how important it is to help those who are food insecure. 

“Kroger’s all about supporting our communities, our Zero Hunger, Zero Waste social impact plan and it just eliminates hunger in all the communities where we operate. We have three stores here in Charlottesville and we want to meet the need for families who are food insecure and these events help do that. Kroger really enjoys being a part of the community,” said James Mendes, Kroger Corporate Affairs. 

The five contestants who were a part of the shopping extravaganza were chosen from the food bank. It was a fun way to get local volunteers involved. 

"It’s fantastic, I mean it’s really it’s about the people who are being served by these contributions and I am the face of a whole team of people and F&M Bank who have put a lot of effort in over the last week or two to raise money and spread the word,” said Carolyn Burnett, a contestant.

Each Kroger in Charlottesville will have bins out to support BRAFB and people can drop items they want to donate into the bins.