ERIE--- Erie hit 78 degrees, a November 4th record. It's a temperature we've never reached before this late in the calendar year.

"Short sleeves, jeans and flip flops," says dog owner Ashley Alfieri. "That's the best kind of weather."

The Larry Fabrizi Dog Park, paraded with Canines and their owners Wednesday afternoon, looking to enjoy the last ounce of pleasant weather before mother nature takes a left turn.

"It's nice to be able to bring them out," Alfieri says. "Especially this late in the season. To be able to go and take the dogs out."

"When we've been really dry, as we have been over the past few days, month and year ( 3.8 inches drier than average), the suns energy is used to drive the temperature up with less of that energy lost to evaporation."

Forecasting these roller coaster temperatures is always an adventure for our First Warning Weather team. Just know, these mild temperatures will be short lived.

"I hope tomorrow we break a record again," says cyclist Michele Gathers, riding her bike through the state park.

The last time Erie was even close to 78 degrees on November 4, was in 1935.