PALMYRA, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A Lake Monticello man makes it his mission every year to brighten your spirit by decking out his home in holiday lights.

Jeff Spinello's annual Halloween light display has been taking place for nearly two decades, with people coming out year after year to enjoy the free show.

"The other night, there was a gentleman here with his daughter and his mom. He came here while he was growing up, and now he's coming here with his daughter," Spinello said. "So it's kind of neat to see three generations watching my displays."

He uses his past experience of doing sound and lighting for concerts to transform his home into a show that sparks up the holiday season. The show is synced with 17 different songs.

As people are coming in, so are donations.

Spinello is collecting money for Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire and Rescue, which he is a part of himself.

Captain Howard Lagomarsino of the Lake Monticello Rescue Squad says the donations help cover fuel costs for emergency vehicles.

"It definitely warms my heart to see all the kids out here enjoying it, and then the donations that people give. It definitely helps us and we definitely appreciate it," Lagomarsino said.

A light show with this much detail takes Spinello about a month to set up. For him, that's time well spent.

"It makes me feel good. I love seeing the people come and look at something I create every year," he said.

Even during some tricky times, the display remains a happy treat.

You can attend the event yourself by reaching out to Spinello through this Facebook group.

The display will be taken down a week after Halloween before Spinello starts working on his Christmas display.