CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Voters in the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia will choose between Democrat Josh Throneburg and Republican incumbent Bob Good. 

Democrat Josh Throneburg is a first-time political candidate for the seat in Congress. He is running against Good, who is seeking re-election to the seat.

Two of the key points of Thoneburg’s campaign include investing in rural communities and climate change. Throneburg says that his background as a pastor and growing up in a rural area have a lot to do with what sets him apart from his opponent.

"Mr. Good has been more divisive congressman, right? Calling Democrats evil and the party of death. And that's very different from how I am. I grew up in a Republican family and we have very different priorities," he said. "I think he has done a lot of cultural warfighting. He's not brought back money or projects to the district. I think we should just get stuff done, right?”

A recent poll shows one of the biggest issues for voters this year is the economy. 

"Part of inflation has been the supply chain issues that we have coming from other countries. If we build more stuff here, we don't have those issues as much," said Throneburg when asked how he would address inflation if elected. "The 'CHIPS Act' provides an opportunity for us to build semiconductors right here. And there is a site in the Fifth District that can become one of those semiconductor chip processing sites. So, one of my first things is going to be how can I get that site here, that's going to create 6,000 jobs, here in our district.”

The Fifth District is the largest district in Virginia.

"I want to make sure that we spend our time, me as a representative in my team, just working real hard to actually get things done and accomplished," Throneburg said when asked about how he plans to help or change the district. "I think if we can deliver genuine results for the people that we represent, then they'll want us to keep doing that job, and they'll, you know, establish trust in us, even if they don't agree with me or my team, they'll want to make sure we're doing the work because they see stuff getting done."

When questioned about abortion, guns and education, Throneburg says that he is a pro-choice candidate, he respects guns but wants red flag laws, and that he wants to give resources to schools and compensate teachers.

Election day is Nov. 8.