MADISON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A glamorous camping, or glamping, resort in Madison County is still in the news.

The Madison Planning Commission held a public hearing on Ahmed Helmi's application to use the parcels, which will be almost 60 acres when combined.

The site is near the intersection of Fords Shop Road and Beahm Town Road.

The proposal states the site will include 70 rental units, a lodge, restaurant and wellness center.

Helmi said the site will positively impact the local economy, because he plans to hire local contractors and volunteers to build the site and then staff it.

He also added that he will use local suppliers for food and drink. Helmi has not hired anyone yet.

During public comment, residents who live around the site say that it will disrupt their way of life.

"I moved to this street because of the beauty, because of the peace, because of the silence. I'm here tonight because I know that is going to change all of it,” resident Scott Sakovich said.

“They're going to be in and out all day going to whatever attractions, so there's going to be even more traffic in and out all the time than just once or twice a day. I also believe the venue is out of place, and it will have a negative impact on property values, especially mine," Stephen Phillippe said.

The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee will meet on Nov. 10 to continue the process.