CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In the last push toward election day, the Josh Throneburg campaign brought on international volunteers.

Former Fifth District Representative Tom Perriello and state Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25th) endorsed Throneburg during a rally to welcome the volunteers, who will be going around to knock on doors in the area.

Perriello says this race is more than Democrats vs. Republicans. It's about democracy and decency.

And volunteers are needed to ensure the correct vote.

Those volunteers are from Norway. They are part of an annual program called the Washington Seminariate, which educates Norwegian leaders on American politics.

They chose to support Throneburg's campaign this year.

Deeds added that the Fifth Congressional District needs someone that will work with all parts of the community.

“A famous man once said, 'all politics is local.' And that's true, you've got to be able to respond to the local needs that exist on the ground in the areas you represent, not simply wall yourself off in an ideological castle and spit doctrine," he said.

Throneburg said that he cares more about Congressman Bob Good losing than winning himself. He says Good doesn't want to work with or talk to any Democrats, no matter the policy.