CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Zikki Munyao has already given so much, but he isn't done yet.

"My childhood dream was to be a soldier, and to also drive trucks," Munyao said.

He chased that dream. Munyao came to the United States from Kenya and then joined the military.

"I served for three years and I was driving tractor trailers," he said. "So I killed two birds with one stone there, by serving in the military and driving trucks."

When he left the military, the veteran got his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Virginia, then turned to philanthropy.

In 2015, Munyao and a group of people founded a philanthropic networking group called "C-Ville Gives." The group pools funds and gives them to Charlottesville nonprofits doing good work.

"The members choose where this money goes, so in our first year, as a matter of fact, we raised about $23,000, and all of that went back to the community," Munyao said.

Once serving Charlottesville, Munyao's efforts have now gone intercontinental. He helped lift Kenyan kids out of poverty through literacy by building a digital library that allows kids to have curriculum-approved books in public primary schools in Kenya.

As of December of last year, the digital library is available in 22 schools, impacting thousands of kids.

Now, Munyao is focused on providing clean water to communities in Nigeria, where drinkable water is a scarcity.

"When you see someone benefit from something that may be relatively small to you, that changes their entire life. Because now this child who may not have had this opportunity to go to school because they had to fetch water, can go to school," Munyao said.

He is pushing to raise about $40,000 by Jan. 20, and he's already halfway to the goal.

"It has been a pleasure giving back and I want to continue doing this out of just pure joy and pure fun," he said.

Munyao is also a farmer, a painter, and a friend to people all over the world.

He now operates Munyao Consulting LLC in Charlottesville.