CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, the Democrat currently representing the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia, explains her goals should she be re-elected.

"My goal would be to continue representing Virginians of the Seventh District," Spanberger said.

She has represented the district since 2019. While in Congress, she says she has ensured constituent services while making legislation that has impacted communities, especially those in rural settings.

"I represent many farmers and producers, a lot of cattle farmers, so I have done tremendous amount of work focused on their needs," Spanberger said.

She says the notable effort she has been was through funding and conservation priorities that farmers may choose to implement on their lands. She says she has also fought to make prescription drugs more affordable.

"Notably we have taken tremendous steps forward lowering the cost of prescription drugs for seniors by allowing Medicare to negotiate some of the most expensive prescription drugs," said Spanberger.

If re-elected, she says she will continue work representing agricultural Virginia, as she is the only Virginian on the agricultural committee.

"Notably, we have the Farm Bill coming up in 2023. I continue to be laser-focused in ensuring that we are, that I am working on behalf of Virginia's farmers and producers to make sure their priorities are represented in that legislation," she said.

She also hopes to advance the infrastructure bill that was recently passed this year.

"I am proud of the successes that we've had with the infrastructure bill, but now we need to move forward with implementation. Roads, bridges, broadband connectivity," said Spanberger.

Spanberger says she wants to make sure the funds in that bill will make it out to Virginia.