CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Veterans of the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force came together for the American Legion Post 74's Veterans Day luncheon.

It was an event allowing those who have served to share their bond. 

At this kind of event, the veterans put each other first and credit the community for the respect they are given in their everyday lives.

“It really pleases me to see the respect that veterans get, especially here in Virginia. I've traveled to many other states and I haven't seen the respect and dedication to our veterans that we have here," said Mary Garrison, a veteran and active member of Post 74.

Veterans of all generations came to this event, including a World War II veteran, who says having more veterans is just as important as celebrating them.

The event’s guest speaker, Chaplin and Retired Colonel Joel P. Jenkins, credited veterans for being selfless and sacrificing their lives for strangers. 

Jenkins and other veterans are encouraging the younger generations to stand up and join this small and brave group of people who have worn the uniform.

“Right now, our numbers for recruiting, we're not meeting our targets, so I would encourage this generation of young people because we talk about the World War II folks being the best generation, many in this generation have absolutely matched this sacrifice," he said. "I saw it when I was in Iraq, I saw it when I was in Fort Bragg, I was at the Pentagon after 9/11. So I know we have the same quality of service. We just need more young people to step up and say I'm willing to stand in the gap for my country.”