CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Governor Glenn Youngkin spent a lot of time traveling around the country in the months leading up to Tuesday's midterm elections.

J. Miles Coleman at the University of Virginia Center for Politics explains how the election results may have affected Youngkin’s political future.

"I could have been telling you something completely different a few days ago about how I thought this was going to go," he said.

The 2022 midterms threw politicians, voters, and political scientists, like Coleman, for a loop, especially Youngkin who left Virginia to campaign for fellow Republican Party members.

"He could still say, 'I tried to do my part, but they just didn't get elected,'" Coleman said.

The “red wave” that was predicted didn't come to be, even after Youngkin spent time traveling to 15 states, only four of which had clear Republican victories.

"He linked himself to some pretty extreme candidates, you know, Dixon in Michigan, Paul LePage up in Maine. I would have maybe stuck to candidates I knew were going to win," Coleman said.

But, there was a reason Youngkin had this ability.

"In Virginia, we have our elections in the off-years. I think that might have been a factor of why Youngkin got more attention," Coleman said.

Basically, Youngkin was able to go campaign is different states for other Republicans because he didn't have to run to hold office back home.

But, Coleman thinks Youngkin is using this strategy for a bigger reason.

"I think Youngkin is someone who is looking at 2024, at least if not president, he sees himself of, at least, part of a national ticket," he said.

By lending his clout, as Coleman says, Youngkin acts as a sort of team player for the Republican Party while, at the same time, getting his name into the national political arena.

"It almost seems like the 2024 election starts this week, now that the 2022 midterms are over. So stuff moves fast in politics," Coleman said.

Even though the Republicans didn't see the red wave they were hoping for, Coleman believes the midterms didn't hurt Youngkin as much as they hurt other popular Republicans.

At this time, Youngkin has made no formal announcement regarding running for national office in 2024.