CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Grounds were somber the day after a tragic shooting. There were students walking in groups and leaning on each other.

“I just really hope that everyone can find peace and heal after something like this,” said Lisa Koppelnik, a University of Virginia student.

As the incident was made known to the public, the UVA Police Department tweeted “active attacker firearm reported in area of Culbreth road. Run hide fight.”

Students shared how they felt during this uncertain time.

“It’s also just very frightening. You know, we were locked down for 12 hours and didn’t really know where the suspect was, didn’t know what the danger to potential students’ was,” said Lewis Cothman, another UVA student.

“Last night, just kind of seeing cop cars like zoom by our house was definitely a little unsettling but now that we know that he’s been caught and there’s a lot of police present around definitely feel safe,” added student Lindsay Aschmiles.

One student adds that she is thankful for the police department and the university for being transparent at this time.

“I thought they did a good job. Honestly, I thought that they gave us the information that they knew as soon as they knew it and they sent alerts. I mean we probably got what, 50, 60 alerts within the past 12 hours,” said Maggie Glass,  a UVA student.

The university is providing counselors and crisis management to the students and faculty.