CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Senator Tim Kaine spoke with reporters Wednesday about the Sunday night shooting at the University of Virginia.

He started off the meeting by sharing his condolences with the university and the Charlottesville community in the wake of the violent attack on Grounds.

Kaine mentioned how he's seen many gun-related tragedies across Virginia during his time in elected office. He was governor during the mass shooting at Virginia Tech in April of 2007 that killed 32 people. And now he's senator as UVA mourns the loss of three football players.

Kaine said that he hopes more details about the warning signs of the shooter will come forward soon.

“There's still a lot of details that aren't known about why this happened and what were the circumstances that led a young man, with a very troubled background, who had managed through some really hard work in high school to kind of turn his life around and become more successful. What led him down such a dark path that he would take the lives of others," he said. "Just as in the shooting at Virginia Tech when I was governor, there could be some painful things about were there any signs that were missed, are their protocols that need to be improved. I just encourage UVA's leadership and the state leadership to just embrace a caring and compassionate outreach to all in the community, but also embrace an ethic of we want to get to the bottom of this."

Kaine goes on to say that he is confident the university and the state will work together to find out what went wrong to prevent these kinds of violent acts from happening again in the future.

He ended the conversation by mentioning Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr.'s past signs, noting his concealed gun violation, reported hazing incident, and unknown status of disciplinary proceedings as all facts that should be investigated further.

Kaine is also a big advocate for laws to reduce gun violence, such as the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which he voted on and was signed into law by President Joe Biden in June.