ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Meriwether Lewis Elementary School students are showing their support for the University of Virginia following the shooting that killed three and wounded two. 

"I just love going to the UVA football games," Meriwether fifth-grader Jack Backof said.

The students organized a blue and orange spirit day on Friday, and they all signed a card to send to the football team.

"I hope that we make them feel good and that it brings spirit back to them," Backof said when asked about his goal for the gesture.

Backof's mother is a professor at UVA.

Meriwether Principal Jennifer Underwood said many Meriwether community members have close ties to the university through friends and family.

"We really celebrated the fact that we are a unified community. That we're here to serve others and help others and really kind of have a positive spin on it from this side of things," Underwood said.

Teachers aren't talking about the details of the shooting at school.

Counselors are available.

"One of the kindergartners was signing the poster and he said, 'oh we're doing this because we love UVA, I love UVA!' So, it was perfect. And that's really a way for us to, for some of our students who are maybe struggling or wondering a way they can give back and show their love and support, this is a perfect way for us to be able to do that," Underwood said.