CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The holidays are almost here, and traveling might be another reason to be thankful this year.

According to the AAA Mid-Atlantic, more than 91 percent of Americans will be on the roads for the long Thanksgiving weekend, including about 1.3 million Virginians. Some new gas prices could have people more excited to travel.

"In Virginia, we're looking at nearly 1.42 million people to travel for Thanksgiving between Wednesday to Sunday. That's up less than a percentage point from last year, but still down about six percent from what we saw back in 2019,”  said Morgan Dean, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s public and government affairs manager.

With so many people traveling, Sheetz is dropping the price of gas to $1.99 a gallon for the unleaded 88 pumps, which is a price that has not been seen in years.

"So, it is quite a discount. It's more than a $1.40 cheaper than the retail in Virginia and we're really excited about it," said Nick Ruffner, the public relations manager at Sheetz. "We have about 370 store locations across our footprint that sell unleaded 88. Unleaded 88 is a great fuel. It's approved for vehicles 2001 and newer, so most of the vehicles on the road can use it and we hope that people take advantage of it as they're traveling for thanksgiving this week.” 

Ruffner also mentioned that this gas price reduction is to help get more people on the roads to see their loved ones this Thanksgiving season. He also said that this is roughly $2 cheaper than their Fourth of July price cut earlier this year.

This price is available between Nov. 21 and 28 at the 370 Sheetz locations, including in Charlottesville.