CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- On Monday, the Charlottesville City Council held its first meeting since last week's tragedy on the University of Virginia Grounds. Each councilor had something to say.

After a brief moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Lloyd Snook read a letter he received from the mayor of Blacksburg, Leslie Hager-Smith. In 2007, that city was rocked by a shooting that happened on Virginia Tech's campus, killing 32.

In the letter, Blacksburg leaders expressed their condolences and support for the Charlottesville community.

Snook said a few words after he finished reading the letter. Then the other councilors said more.

Councilor Sena Magill thanked all the first responders that rushed to the scene. Councilor Brian Pinkston, who is a graduate of UVA and currently works there, echoed other members and said he was also impressed with the response of the entire community.

"But I was also grateful to see the community response and the response on Grounds from turning this from a tragedy to a celebration of these lives," he said.

"I know people in our emergency services are trained as best they can be for tragedies, but no one ever trains a human being fully. And I would like to thank those who were there," said Magill.

Snook read the letter from Blacksburg out loud saying "students come to us seeking refuge, growth and guidance for their lives. It is the saddest of terms to see young lives deprived of it all."

He responded with a note thanking Hager-Smith for the expression of sentiments.