WAYNESBORO, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A unique piece of movie history is owned by a couple just over Afton Mountain in Waynesboro. 

If you have seen the 2002 movie "Austin Powers in Goldmember," starring Mike Myers and Beyonce, you have seen the Shaguar.

"This was our car that was in this actual scene," said Bill Krzastek, pointing to a still from the film. 

Bill and his wife Sue Krzastek bought the 2002 Jaguar SK8 convertible painted with the Union Jack used in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" in 2010. 

"As I've grown up and became more mature, and had a little more resources, I started collecting vehicles, and my particular passion was vehicles that were in TVs or movies that presented a positive image," Bill said.

It's actually the car enthusiasts' third famous car. They previously owned the 1967 Volvo 1800 used in the TV show "The Saint" starring Roger Moore. That car is now housed in the Gothenberg Museum in Sweden, and Krzasteks featured it on "Jay Leno's Garage."

They also have the Dodge Dart GTS convertible used in seasons two and three of Mannix.

"It brings a lot of smiles, that's why we have it, it's why we show it," Bill said.

Of the three Shaguars made for the film, the Krzasteks' car is the only one on the road. The other two are in museums. But they don't have the car just to show it off. 

"I don't collect trophies. I have a few from other vehicles that are somewhere in the basement in a box, that's not important to me," Bill said. "What's important is to bring it out and make people smile."

The couple brings the vehicle to charity events, like the Virginia Festival of the Wheel benefiting the University of Virginia Cancer Center, the British Car Festival benefiting the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, and more.

"Our purpose, and because it has such notoriety, and is an attention getter, it draws more people into the venue, which of course, hopefully, helps the charity event," Sue said.

At these charity events, the car is very accessible.

"At so many of these car shows, you get all these stickers 'do not touch my car,' it's like 'oh give me a break.' Then don't even bring it, the point of having these vehicles out there is for people to enjoy, and so we're very open to having people sit in the car," Bill said.

The Krzasteks have made postcards that they hand out to people, which include information about the car, as a souvenir. They say it makes them smile to see how happy people are when they can interact with the vehicle.

"They're used to going by these very prestigious cars and not touching anything at all, and then when they come to ours, and we say, well would you like to get in it, 'Really? we can get in it.' It just adds to the excitement, and I just enjoy watching, the kids in particular, 'Wow! that's great," said Sue.

Over the last 12 years of owning the car, the couple has collected authentication, as well as an abundance of merchandise, to go with the car. They often bring these things with them to shows. Items include everything from the call sheet from the day the car was on set with Mike Myers during filming, the prop plate used during filming directly from Warner Brothers, and the special effects gear shift knob. 

The merchandise also includes unique things, like a jersey the crew members wore during filming, signed by Mike Myers himself, a scale replica of the Shaguar, and a number of promotional products from when the film was made like clocks, calendars, and flip flops.

The car is a stock Jaguar with no modifications except for its paint, and fake "buttons" that say "raise shields" and "machine guns." Despite once being driven by Beyonce, the car now lives a fairly normal life, going to wineries on the weekends to get some exercise.

"Well of all the places in the world, you come and say, the Shaguar is in Waynesboro, Virginia? What's it doing here? It should be in Hollywood or whatever, and it's just the way things happened to work out."