CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority is in the process of improving affordable housing at South First Street. However, the renovations are impacting some residents that currently live there.

A South First Street resident says her family is struggling to find a new place to live before their current home gets demolished, during the second phase of the CRHA renovation process.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a single mother of eight children, ranging in age from one to 17. She says it's been a struggle for them to find somewhere new to live that accommodates her family. Every time she's applied for housing as part of her search, she's been denied.

"So basically, the next process is just trying to find a house, or somewhere, that will fit and accommodate me and my kids, which I have eight children. So, it’s been a hard battle reaching out to landlords, rental properties. I've been denied several places, credit-wise, and some people just plain out say they don't want to take the voucher,” she said.

Currently, her family lives in a five-bedroom unit. However, she says that she has not been able to find a similar place within her budget of $2,300, which is the amount of her housing voucher.

She says this process is tiring, and she's been searching since April, with no end in sight. It's caused her a rollercoaster of emotions that are hard to process.

"It's frustrating. I have my days when I'm up, sometimes I'm like okay, well God will see when we find a place. But then I have my days where I wait for the kids to go to school and I just cry. So, it's up and down,” she said.

She also says that this has impacted her kids' lives as well, saying that they are having a hard time leaving the place they've called home for nearly a decade.

The burden of trying to find a place has not been easy. She says that she feels like CRHA has forgotten about her and her neighbors who have yet to find a new place before the demolition begins.

She's still holding out hope for finding a new home soon.