ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The diverging diamond interchange on Pantops is still seeing a lot of traffic, especially during rush hours. But changing traffic light timing might help reduce the congestion.

Lou Hatter, the communications manager for the Virginia Department of Transportation, says that officials are aware of the large amounts of traffic on the interchange, but they are trying to mitigate this by changing the length of time people have to wait at a traffic light.

They have already and will continue to update traffic light timing to help reduce the amount of time people wait, especially during heavier traffic. However, they have to work in phases to successfully change the times.

"So, when we implemented the new timing plans, the signal cycles have not changed but some of the timing within those different phases has changed," said Hatter. "So, for example, we might give more time to the traffic on 250 and a little bit less time to the traffic coming off 64, as an example. If you give more to one phase, you have to take away from the other phase. So, you can't just add time incrementally to all the phases or else you'll have people sitting there for a length of time that's not appropriate.” 

Hatter also mentioned that VDOT has made a couple of adjustments recently and it's not unusual for changes to be made to the timing in phases.

However, one big issue that impacts the amount of traffic is having one lane on Richmond Road that is still not open, leading to heavier congestion. He said that there's a contractor currently working on this problem.

Once that additional lane opens up, it should alleviate the congestion.

When asked about when there will be any more timing changes to the traffic lights and when that might take place, Hatter did not have an answer.