STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The price of a real Christmas tree might put a damper on people's holiday spirit this year. Across the nation, the price of a real tree went up roughly 10 to 15 percent compared to last year.

"Seen cost increases over the years. Some of that's due to the tree shortage that's ongoing, which I heard recently might take another five years for us to get out of," said John Ensor, the owner of Greene Meadows Farm in Greene County. "Everything went up this year. My cost of trees from the wholesaler went up anywhere from $6 to $10, in some cases a little more, for the bigger trees."

At Greene Meadows Farm, customers are still coming out to select their real trees even with the price increase.

"Our customer base has grown astronomically. Trying to keep enough trees and for the customers is one of my challenges," said Ensor.

However, keeping the trees in stock isn't the only problem as finding and getting them to the farm is even more difficult, especially with the tree shortage.

"Tree shortage has really made, in fact, when we first started, we’ve been open for four weekends. And now, what we've seen is because there's such a shortage of trees and because the customer base and desire for a real tree people have come out much faster and earlier," Ensor said.

He says that he is proud of only charging $10 more compared to last year's prices.

This tree farm sells about seven species of trees, three of which are grown on the property and can be cut down. According to Ensor, the experience of selecting and cutting a tree is a tradition for many people who come to Greene Meadows Farm.

With only 30 of the 300 precut trees left, the farm is expecting to close early this holiday season, even though it has only been open for two weekends this year.

It will be open this Friday through Sunday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.