CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Police Department says juveniles with guns are a troubling development.

Officials say they have seen an increase in gun violence among young people in recent months. Since August of this year, CPD has responded to about five shooting-related incidents, three of which were committed by juveniles.

Investigations Supervisor Sergeant Ronald Stayments says that the amount of violence in three months is concerning, and there seems to be more shootings happening, especially among the young generations.

"It does seem, in these recent months, that we've had a recent spike in shootings and that we're covering a lot of these events where we are recovering firearms," he said. "You know, from persons under the age of 18. And it seems like a lot of our real violent events have involved young persons. Which seems to be different than it was when I first started 20 years ago. Our offenders are oftentimes, now seem to be getting younger, you know, which is obviously, very troublesome.”

So far, no juveniles that were arrested in relation to the recent shootings have been charged with any gang-related offenses. However, it is believed that there are common groups of juveniles that are in conflict with each other.

At least five juveniles have been arrested since August.