EARLYSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Signs are posted around the Earlysville community in Albemarle County to encourage people to find Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love this holiday season.

"These particular words are kind of the ancient phenomena connected with how God seeks to engage with humanity," said Pastor Lance King. 

King is trying to get Earlysville residents to remember the meaning of Christmas.

With signs posted all around our community, King wanted to do something different this holiday season. 

King says the experiences of Hope, Joy, Peace and Love have become forgotten or are not a priority during the past few troubling years.

So, he created these signs for when residents are driving to make them think about what these words mean to them. 

“Well, signs were just the convenient way to get into people’s frame of view. You know, people drive up and down that road all the time. So, getting where people are to give people a little inspiration of hope, or joy, or even just a smile seemed like the most logical way,” said King. 

The Advent tour is encouraging people to find a new passion that can be born again during Christmas time. For those struggling to find this passion, King designed an interactive digital guide accessible using the QR code placed at each sign.

The code will connect people to Bible verses and activities to do that make them feel one of the words displayed on the signs. 

“These are the words that help us prepare for what God has always wanted to do for humanity. To create peace and be the catalyst of love,” King said.

These signs are doing more than just standing in Earlysville. King says he wants these words to bring the community together and remember what they stand for.

“I think something that my hope would be that folks would have access to some, little morsel in their day that would create a sense of hope,” he added.