PALMYRA, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- In the pool or on deck Mitchell Messier leads the Flucos swim team.

"Mitchell is our leader this year. We're pretty new into the season but he's definitely already stepped up and kind of taken that leadership role," explains Fluvanna County swim head coach Mitchell Pace, "From leading our dry land practices to warm-ups to being a vocal guy in the pool that the kids really kind of look to."

Being the team leader hasn't been an easy role, as the team graduated its main swimmers last year but Messier stepped up, drawing inspiration from those who came before him.

"We lost a lot of leading swimmers and leaders last year and I think that's been a big influence on Mitchell he kind of learned what to do from those guys. Filling that void has been a big ask but he stepped up already and is very confident that we can keep rolling, we had a wonderful regional title last year for the boy's team and I think he's expecting the same thing this year, " explained Pace.

"I took a lot of inspiration from their leadership and how they conducted themselves on the deck and how they address people and I try to carry that on to what I do now," said Mitchell Messier.

It's not just leadership and speed in the water that set him apart, Mitch can always be heard.

"I want to make my presence known on the deck," said Messier, "I want to be someone who if they have questions which I've noticed a lot coming into this season I've seen people start asking questions and looking up to you and that's a really good feeling and that's kind of the impact I want to leave."

"He's the loudest on deck he's the loudest in the pool. He's the one that is cheering us on. He's the one at the end of each lane when his teammates are swimming. He's the one who very clearly his teammates look to," said pace.