ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Piedmont Area Tennis Association is hosting the second annual Wheelchair Tennis Tournament at Boar's Head Resort this weekend.

About 25 players who use wheelchairs are competing in singles and doubles matches. Some are from nearby areas, but some come from out of state.

David Wagner, an internationally ranked wheelchair champion, attended the tournament to watch and teach clinics. He says sports are an important part of boosting self-esteem for any disabled body person.

"It gives you an opportunity to be more than the scorekeeper. So many times, the disabled person is the referee or the scorekeeper, right? And these are players who are not just keeping score, they're athletes," he said.

Wagner also says wheelchair tennis is different from other sports disabled people play.

"What's so beautiful about tennis, and what is cool about our sport is it is so integrated with the abled body game. You and I could go hit tennis balls, doesn't matter what level you're at, doesn't matter what level I'm at, we could go hit balls because we use the same size court, the same racket, the same net, the same balls. Nothing has changed, other than we get two bounces if we need it," said Wagner.

He encourages people to come out this weekend to watch. He says that you will be inspired and motivated by the athletes.