NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Lovingston Winery is upping the holiday factor this Christmas season with an immersive production of "A Christmas Carol."

This hour-long production, featuring an all-Virginian native cast, takes the audience through the iconic story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, but Executive Producer and Director Brian Clowdus says that the actors are not the real stars of the show. The audience is.

“We all, sort of around this time, contemplate things from our past, things that are currently happening, and kind of worry about our future. But I think the thing we all need to learn in the world we live in is to be in the present moment and 'A Christmas Carol' Experience really drives that home,” said Clowdus. 

The easiest part of bringing the show to life was the scenery of the Lovingston Winery.

Utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces, Clowdus said that the cast takes the audience from a funeral in the courtyard to a new and improved rustic barn on site, which allows the audience to feel comfortable and truly capture the immersive experience.

“Hearing these incredible singers sing 'O Holy Night' and break out into a Capella, I mean audiences, they’re weeping because they’re so touched. So I think people are laughing, they’re in it, and they’re touched because they’re taken on this journey and they lose themselves,” Clowdus added.

But, the production does not want this one-of-a-kind experience to overpower the true meaning of the Charles Dickens story.

“I think so many of us are worried about what we’ve done and also worried about what’s going to come tomorrow. But guess what? All we have is today, all we have is the present moment. And my goal is that every audience member who comes and experiences 'A Christmas Carol' is going to live more in the moment and appreciate what is right in front of them. It’s the secret to life,” said Clowdus. 

Attendees immediately become part of the show when they arrive for the performance. Characters greet them at the box office before they lead people to a heated tent where they can enjoy some wine before the show with a sing-along. 

“You truly lose yourself in the experience and feel that you are in the show. You’re going to smile, you’re going to laugh, might even cry but I promise they’re those amazing touch tears and you will just have the time of your life,” Clowdus said.

Tickets are selling quickly and performances run through Dec. 30. You can find ticket information here