ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Four local nonprofits received $500 each on Tuesday.

The money is from Carter Bank and Trust, which collaborates with FOX Virginia’s Charity Spotlight.

"And our hope is that through this sponsorship and donation that we're able to help these nonprofits shed some light on their mission," said community banking manager Josh Ryan. "We truly care about the communities in which we operate and give back every chance we get."

First was Shelter for Help in Emergency, which assists victims of domestic violence and their families.

"A lot of our clients come to us with really just the clothes they have on their backs, and they come with a variety of needs," fundraising and development coordinator Sarah Ellis said.

She added that the money will buy items ranging from emergency medicine to toys.

Second, Robin Goldstein represented Meals on Wheels of Charlottesville:

"It's going help go to our end-of-year campaign, which is going to cover about 275 clients every year. That amount will cover three clients for an entire month, five days a week with volunteers checking in on them. So, it'll be really helpful, we're really grateful,” she said.  

Third was the Independence Resource Center, which has a mission to allow people with disabilities to live as independently as they can.

Executive Director Tom Vandever said the money will go into the general fund.

"Providing adaptive equipment for people, or allowing them to modify their home to make it more accessible, or just to provide general services," he said. 

Last was the Community Climate Collaborative, or C3. Director of Development Maggie Davis said it feels good to be recognized.

"You know we're doing so much work in the community. so it's great to have our mission out there and to bring more awareness to our critical work," she said.

Carter Bank and Trust recognized a total of 12 nonprofits this year.