CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Champion Brewing Company and Reason Beer have teamed up with the beverage platform Bevana.

This partnership will give the businesses a chance to expand their innovation and create some of the industry's most exciting taproom experiences, while continuing to engage with the community.

Champion believes this is a good opportunity for both businesses to collaborate so they can learn from a larger distributor while focusing on expanding their beers into bigger stores.

"It's a challenging business right now. So, the more that folks like Champion, Bevana, and Reason team up, I think we'll see more craft breweries team up, share resources, and try to put their backs together to fight larger brewers and larger forces at play, as well as things that are out of our control,” said Hunter Smith, the CEO of Champion Brewing. 

In addition to being found wherever fine craft beverages are sold, all of Champion and Reason's packaged beers will also be available for delivery through Bevana's online store and can be shipped anywhere.