Whether it's her athleticism or competitive nature, Mir McLean rarely misses a rebound.

"I mean it's giving us extra points. It's also taking away from the other team," says UVA junior guard/forward Mir McLean. "You get it down to that 10 seconds mark and it just kind of sucks the life out of them. So it's more of a competitive thing for me."

"Obviously rebounding is something that comes very easy to her but she has to work at it too," says UVA women's basketball head coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton, "Her motor, especially on the boards is really impressive and really inspires our team."

Just like her play on her court, McLean seemed to come out of nowhere. After helping the huskies to a final 4 appearance at U-Conn, McLean entered the transfer portal in December of her sophomore year. Less than two months later, she was on the court for the cavaliers.

"I mean I wouldn't have it any other way," started McLean, "I love that I transferred in the middle of the season. It kind of gave me a fresh start in the same year."

After one smooth transition onto a new team, McLean would have another fresh start, this time from a new coach.

"Three coaches in one year, it was very chaotic at first but I'm very very happy that Coach Mox and her staff came in," said McLean, "They came in with a lot of energy and I think I needed that in the middle of the season and I think my teammates did as well."

Through the uncertainty of a new coaching staff, Mir did what she does best; she rebounded, transforming from a team with a 5-22 record to an undefeated one, ranked in the Top 25.

"I think the potential was there," said McLean, "We just needed that extra push to get us along the way. You saw glimpses of it last year, you know when we played duke there was glimpses of it. I just think we needed that extra drive that that extra push to keep us motivated."