CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A family of three received a life-changing gift in August and now they have started new beginnings.

This holiday season Lolita Johnson and her family are counting their blessings in their new home given to them by habitat for humanity.

“I’m a single mother, we lived in prospect for about three years and one day we just happened to sign up for Habitat,” Lolita Johnson, Habitat for Humanity homeowner.

Two years ago, she received a call that changed her life forever.

“And they told me, hey, you got your house and that was the best feeling ever, like the best feeling ever,” Johnson says. 

Covid postponed a few things, but in August 2022 they were finally able to move in.

“And since then it’s been nothing but peace, nothing but peace,” Johnson says. 

She had a full circle moment moving in because she grew up on this street with her mother.

A sense of comfort is now with them because of the familiarity of the area.

Johnson says her daughter really came out of her shell after the move.

“She actually did a 360 on me, she was a big introvert and now she’s a social butterfly. So now it’s just like I see a big difference a whole big difference,” Johnson adds.

They finally have a place they call home and they have already begun to make new traditions like baking Christmas cookies and singing Christmas songs.

“That’s the key, at home, that’s just like that makes me feel warm inside,” Johnson adds.

Johnson said shared her gratitude.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone because without them I would not have my house so I am forever grateful for them,” says Johnson.

She says that is to everyone who ever contributed to Habitat for Humanity.