CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- UVA Children’s Hospital understands that having a child in the hospital is hard, and it's even harder on Christmas.

On Sunday, they made sure that patients and their families have the holiday they deserve, and one family said the says the best gift they received is the ability to be together.

It was a Christmas miracle for the Bells.

Their 22-month-old son William was born with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease that affects one in 15 thousand babies in the united states each year.

He needed a liver transplant.

"An altruistic living donor stepped forward, and so this good Samaritan donor is an unknown person to us but he delivered William his Christmas miracle and he had his liver transplant 11 days ago," his mom Maria said.

She said he's recovering well, and that’s the perfect gift.

"We've been very blessed, not just by William’s donor but by friends and people like Emma in Child Life who have supported not just William, but my husband and me and out other three children as we've spent a lot of weeks and months in the hospital."

The hospital made an exception to their usual visitor policy for the Bells, allowing the whole family to come visit William for Christmas.

It was their first time being altogether since before his transplant. 

"it's really special, amazing, i hadn't seen him in 15 days so it's really special,” the oldest sister Hannah said.

Their plans for the day were to open presents and just spend time together in person.

"FaceTime just doesn't cut it... It's just not the same," his dad Ryan sad, “this entire hospital, this health system has taken care of this family in a way that we just did not expect."