CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) – On Tuesday, Pete Snyder, the co-founder of the nonprofit Virginia 30 Day Fund, presented two checks to two local small businesses.

Sir Speedy and Glo-Out Glamour Bar each received the news that they were getting a $3,500 check just days before Christmas, making the holiday extra merry before heading into the New Year.

“The holidays are so joyful for so many people, but when you’re a small business owner, with inflation going through the roof and labor shortages, and things like that. It can be really stressful and burdensome. So, we just wanted to try to do a little something to help folks out,” Snyder said.

He also mentioned that he wanted to teach his daughter the importance of entrepreneurship and helping the community.

“To brighten up their day a little and make them feel good about how they got the money for their business and for their employees,” said Bee Snyder, Pete Snyder's daughter.

Melissa Kirtley, the owner of Glo-Out, said that when she found out her business was selected to receive the $3,500 check, it felt like she was “accepting an Oscar."

"This is amazing. Especially end of the year, holiday season, Christmas bonuses, all those things kind of coming at the same time. All small business owners I'm sure are the same, where we want to show so much appreciation to our staff, but the businesses can only allow for so much appreciation to be shown," she said. "So, that little bit of extra 'we appreciate you' just means the world to all of us. So, it's really, the best end-of-year gift that could happen.”

Conan Owen, the owner of Sir Speedy, says that the money he received will help replace four machines that broke within the first 90 days of his owning the company as well as give his employees the raises they deserve.

"And, just last week, our cutter went down, which, wasn't something I'd budgeted for. So, when I saw the 30 Day Fund with their Christmas Promotion, I thought 'well, all you can do is ask,' and sure enough, Pete and his crew came through for us," he said. "So, we're going to be able to keep everyone's benefits that we had planned to reinstate or increase for the New Year. And get everything back to operating so that people don't have to fold things by hand.”

With the costs of goods and services on the rise due to inflation, both business owners say that this comes at the perfect time and is a great way to ring in 2023.