CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Fireworks may be beautiful to look at, but they can also cause unquestionable damage.

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, Virginia should be prepared for what to do in case of a firework emergency.

The Charlottesville Fire Department says that although fireworks are illegal in Virginia, there are some displays professionals are setting off.

And fireworks are not the only issue Charlottesville citizens should be aware of as the confetti poppers are a safety hazard as well.

“Throwing streamers or popping confetti can be a fun addition to New Year’s, make sure you blow out all candles and flames before you shoot or throw any combustibles,” said Chief Joe Phillips.  

All in all, emergency crews say allow the professionals to handle it, so you or a family member does not get injured in the process of celebrating.

There is another issue for officials: people celebrating with alcohol.

Since most New Year’s Eve parties go until at least midnight, New Year’s Day often sees an uptick in drunk driving crashes and fatalities. 

“It's 100 percent preventable. Every drunk driving crash, arrest is 100 percent preventable. There's no environmental causes to this, there's not a genetic predisposition to this. We should be able to lick this problem,” said Kurt Erickson, the president of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program.

WRAP reports that on an average day in Virginia, 25 percent of all traffic deaths involve drunk drivers.

New Year’s Day sees that number increase by almost half. 

“The fact of the matter is that the randomness of drunk driving victims is well known. A third of drunk driving victims are non-intoxicated drivers, non-intoxicated passengers, and non-intoxicated pedestrians. So there’s a role that we can all play,” said Erickson.

He says that role is to report drunk drivers by safely dialing #77 and by wearing a seat belt to reduce the likelihood of a crash-related death.

Ahead of the New Year, one resolution people could make would be to wear a seat belt and stay safe around dangerous activities.