CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Medical experts say more will likely be known about the condition of Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin in the next 12 to 24 hours, when his health care providers see if he can breathe without a ventilator.

Medical crews quickly rushed to Hamlin's side after the 24-year-old collapsed on the field following a tackle during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night. 

The Bills say he suffered cardiac arrest and his heart stopped before first responders got it going again. 

Dr. Pamela Mason, a cardiac electrophysiologist at the University of Virginia Health System, says the fact that he received CPR quickly increases his odds of survival. 

"What happened to him was probably called commotio cordis, which is sustaining a blow to the chest at the exact wrong part of the cardiac cycle, and it can induce an arrhythmia," she said. "Fortunately, it's extremely rare, but if it happens, being prepared, under knowing CPR, having that training can really save a life."

The blow to the chest, in this case, may have caused ventricular fibrillation, or a heart abnormality where the heart rate is so chaotic and fast that blood can not move forward.

While the rhythm is fast, it is basically the same as the heart stopping, because blood can't move forward.

Both the American Red Cross and the UVA Life Support Learning Center offer CPR training.